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  • I had a great experience with Computer Haven -Cannot say anything else but SUPERB!

    Rating: Donna Rager

  • Very quick service and easy to deal.. Picked up and returned my laptop for me and all for the same price as other quotes i had which didn’t deliver. Highly Recommended.

    Rating: Constance C. Bennett

  • Speedy and effective. Could not believe they had it repaired in two days, Best Buy quoted me 2-3 weeks. Very pleased and will be my go to place from now on. It was much cheaper than buying a new laptop!

    Rating: Thomas Blais

  • Fast, reliable, for a great price. The combination of great service and quality is hard to find and Computer Haven has them both. I have used Charlie a few times and even recommended my dad to him. He always has the time to explain everything and the prices can't be beat. I bought 2 PC's from him and he has serviced 3 of my family's laptops, and another PC. Thank goodness for Computer Haven!

    Rating: Harry A.

  • Computer Haven is the only place I'll bring my computer. Their experienced, Customer Satisfaction driven service is honest and thorough. Charles won't sell you anything you don't need.

    Rating: Nicole L.

  • Phenomenal service, great attitude, awesome Apple know-how and ingenuity. Long story short. Dad moved to Retirement Home in NJ. Me in CA, busted old Apple G4. Older Apple in storage. Computer Haven helped tremendously in diagnosing issues, upgrading older Apple after newer one was declared DOA and were very nice and accommodating on a tight timeline, and installing weird older software. Revamped old machine runs like a dream. Very reasonable on price and prediction of cost. These guys are the best.

    Rating: Jon R. Long Beach, CA

  • My parent's broke the antenna on their DSL modem/router/wireless access point thing while moving it. I forgot to pack my 50ft ethernet cable for the trip home so wanted to get a replacement antenna locally since by the time an Internet sourced one arrived, I'd be back in CA. So off I went in search of antenna . . . Best Buy: "Huh? Antenna? Wifi? Dunno. Maybe try xyz?" xyz (Local independant electronics store who's name I can't remember): "We don't carry anything like that. Maybe Radio Shack?" Radio Shack: "We could special order something for you. It'll take like a week. You might also try Computer Haven 4 doors down." Does no one else break these things? Mail order only?!? My frustration level was rising with each failed stop. Computer Haven front register guy: "Hmm. Don't think we have anything like that. I'll check." He goes in back. Another guy comes out and I show him the old antenna. First he says no, then pauses . . . he takes the antenna and looks at it a little more closely and says "Just a second" and goes in the back. A minute or two later he comes out with another antenna. "This was from a broken router I was about to throw away. It's a little larger, but has the same connector so *should* work." Me: "How much?" Him: "$5?" (Half price of anything I could find online and no shipping!) Me: "Deal!" As you can see, I'm now connected to the internet from my laptop! Score! Thanks Computer Haven guy!