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  • iPhone repair is all about being precise. You have a powerful computer packed into a small case. In addition to being a computer, the cellular phone and data capability are also complex components. So when something goes wrong, it takes some knowledge and skill to get things fixed correctly. The programs that run on the iPhone are called Apps, and all share the same method of using those apps; touch. The iPhone touchscreen is a thin capacitive touchscreen allowing the recognition of multiple fingers on one device. It seems commonplace today, however the advances of touchscreens have come a long way and the multi-touch capability of the iPhone screen is a huge step forward. It’s not hard to see, then, why the touchscreen is the most important part of the iPhone. And when the screen breaks, your iPhone can be an eyesore, if not a brick. When this happens, we are here to help. With our iPhone broken screen repair, we can fix that issue as well as a number of other problems. We can do full case replacements, even changing you from a black iPhone case to a white iPhone case, or vice versa! The important part is that it’s done right, and done with precision.

    iPhone Repair Requests:

    • Cracked iPhone screen replacement
    • iPhone home button replacement
    • iPhone data recovery of music, pictures, even apps
    • iPhone charging port replacement


    The iPad has revolutionized computing, as well as computer repair. Now all the most powerful features of the internet, the most fun and useful apps, and the most portable computing device is in your hands. With a display resolution of up to 2048 by 1536 pixels, the clarity of the picture on the iPad is better than most of the high end home computer displays. And since you’re using touch to navigate through apps and web pages, being able to interact with clear text and vibrant imagery is unique. All this great technology comes to a halt when something goes wrong, such as if your screen breaks or your data becomes corrupted. Your iPad touchscreen is the single interface by which you do everything, so we’ve heard it all when it comes to replacing cracked screens. From kids dropping the iPad, to someone accidentally sitting on it – we can repair it! Many times the only issue has been the screen, however we have also had to repair the case itself, usually when the iPad has been dropped on concrete or some other rough surface. The good news is that the iPad can be repaired, so you can get back to doing what you enjoy. In addition to broken screens, we fix other issues, from updates gone wrong, to recovering data.

    iPad Repair Requests:

    • Cracked iPad screen replacement
    • iPad data recovery for pictures and music
    • iPad app tutorials
    • iPad email setup


    The iPod comes in many different models which perform many of the same functions. The iPod Nano is the smallest iPod with a touchscreen, and has a built in FM tuner to listen to the radio. The iPod Shuffle is a tiny flash drive that plays music, but it’s ultra-portability is highly desired. The iPod Classic the most common and recognized iPod and also has the most storage with a built in hard drive. The iPod Touch is like an iPhone without the phone, and is the most versatile of them all; and is why we see the iPod Touch in for repair more than the others. The main iPod repair issues stem from the display and hard drive. The screen is always an issue, and with the iPod Classic and iPod Touch, it’s common to see a broken screen every now and then due to the kind of hands-on use it requires. The smaller iPods are fairly stable and don’t need much work as being so small, they’re not easy to damage, although we do get requests to copy music off to other devices. Some iPod Classics have standard hard drives – hard drives with spinning motors and disks which are prone to damage from vibration and degradation. When you have a bad iPod hard drive, the iPod might hang on certain songs, or just not work at all. The iPod Touch comes with solid state hard drives, so it’s much more stable, and the issues we see are mainly the same as the iPhone in terms of broken screens and data recovery. Whichever iPod you own, if you are having a problem with it, bring it in for our free diagnostic and let us see what we can do to repair your iPod!

    iPod Repair Issues:

    • Cracked iPod screen replacement
    • iPod data recovery for music and pictures
    • iPod hard drive replacement and upgrades
    • iTunes configuration and troubleshooting