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  • We take pictures with our smart phones instead of 35mm cameras. We send emails to one another instead of letters. We download our favorite music instead of buying albums.

    We rely more and more on digital data storage than on “old fashioned” methods. That being said, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that our data is properly backed up.

    Physical vs. The Cloud:

    Data can be stored physically on different hardware, such as and SD Card, USB Flash Drive, DVD, or an external Hard Disk. One benefit of this method is that online or offline, the data is always available.

    Data can also be saved on “The Cloud” or online. Microsoft’s OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox are just a few of the more popular (and secure) services. An advantage of cloud storage is that data can be accessed online by multiple computers or devices.

    Manual vs. Automatic:

    Manual Backup means periodically copying that important data to an alternative medium, such as that USB Flash Drive or Dropbox. A benefit of manually backing up data is the piece of mind that comes from knowing that the data has been, without a doubt, backed up.

    Automatic Backup refers to using specialized software (Backblaze, Carbonite, Mozy, just to name a few) to back up the data to a preferred medium (physical or online) automatically, at a predetermined time or date. One advantage of Automatic Backup is the “set it and forget it” factor.

    Which method is the best?

    The answer to that question is going to vary from person to person, and from company to company.

    Fortunately, we here at Computer Haven can help you choose and implement the backup solution that best suits your unique needs. Contact us today and let us help to ensure that all of your important files, pictures, and data are safely and securely backed up.